Beginning of the End!!


                       Bryan and Taylor                                   Jenna and Forrest

As I sat back and watched the Limo pull off, I could only think of how my babies are not babies anymore. Having two seniors causes a lot of happiness and bitter sweetness all at the same time. I was so proud and happy as my two jetted off with their dates. They were gorgeous with wide smiles expecting perfect nights of high school bliss. I was happy, but in my gut just a bit sad knowing that life will change in a short few months. As we experience many last times, it’s  just overwhelming.

Homecoming was an all out success. Filled with floats , parade, pep rally, Texas sized mums, parent skits and dances. I started this process 6 years ago when Bryan and Jenna were  7th graders, knowing that one day they would be seniors and it would be my turn as a senior parent to look ridiculous and laugh at myself while participating in the pep rally. I even donned a red wig, believe me I was not cut out to be a red-head. As I took my place in the senior parent dance, I could not help but think how much I have enjoyed my kids and loved being a part of their activities. I will greatly miss it. 

Saturday started with breakfast, getting nails done, making sure the tux was ready, picking up corsages and preparing for an after party. It all worked out fantastic.

Bryan was handsome with his long-term girlfriend Taylor being crowned the Homecoming Queen. He had participated in the game day pep rally as the senior rep with the best YEE HAW to boot. Looking outstanding in his best cowboy hat and coat jacket with jeans, he looked more like a man and less like the little cowboy I remember.

 Jenna look beautiful after a slight meltdown over hair. She has the greatest smile. Her Texas Longhorn boyfriend Forrest came home from Austin to escort her. They look like teen models with perfect teeth and eyes to kill for. They really are the type of couple that I would have hated in high school, just because they are so pretty. 

 Senior Homecoming has come and gone and I’m happy and sad. Life is full of these moments. So, I will anxiously wait for the next last time to come and I will feel grateful for every last moment. Life is all we make it, so make it all count!! In the end we all have to EMBRACE THE JOURNEY!

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What is a Short Sale??

It seems like short sales are all the rage, but are they everything you think they are. Take a look at lastest video to see:

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REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-Mortgage Rates Edge Up

REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-Mortgage Rates Edge Up. See the latest news on rate changes. If you need any assistance in buying or selling your home, let me know.

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8 Tips for Finding Your New Home

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Buyer’s vs Seller’s Agent

What is the difference between the Buyer’s Agent and the Seller’s agent?

I get ask this often, and the traditional buyer’s agent or sub-agent has a legal obligation to the seller of a property more than to the one buying. But over the last several years agents dedicated to the best interest of the buyer have evolved.

The Buyer’s Agent:

The Buyer’s Agent is contractually bound by the Buyer’s Representation Agreement for a negotiated length of time to help their buyer obtain the best possible price and terms when purchasing real estate.

The advantages of Buyer’s Representation are easily apparent:

• Ability to disclose “inside” information about the seller’s position that the sub-agent cannot legally divulge. This information can benefit the buyer when making an offer to purchase real estate.
• Advise and counsel a Buyer with unrestricted assistance.
• Prepare an estimate of value and future salability to insure the true value of the property.
• Investigate any situation that might jeopardize the best interest of the Buyer.
• Negotiate with the Listing Agent and Seller to obtain the lowest price.
• Show all properties on the market, regardless of whether they are listed with Multiple Listing Service.
• There is no pressure to purchase any particular property since all sales commissioned are under terms of an exclusivity contract.

Selling or Listing Agent

The Seller’s Agent or Listing Agent is employed by a real estate firm, this agent works with the seller to establish an appropriate sale price for the home then markets that property, usually through a multiple listing service. They have a legal obligation to the seller.

In any real estate office, each agent works hard to sell their company’s listed properties and each is paid only if the home is sold. Their commission is on a percentage of the final sale. If the selling agent fails to produce a buyer for their client within the negotiated time frame, the seller may pull the property listing and contract with another real estate company.
If you are looking for a partner to help you with your real estate needs in The Woodlands or surrounding area fell free to contact me.

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A Perfect Mess (via The Bush Report)

Having a son that pitches for The Woodlands High School, this call makes me want to have an all out hissy fit (as we say in the south) but I have to say Galarraga was an excellent example of class for any young pitcher. The way he held himself together despite such an obvious bad call shows alot of self discipline.

A Perfect Mess Armando Galarraga threw a perfect game on Wednesday for the Tigers, but didn’t get credit for it.  It’s been all over the news, and not just sports news networks.  It wasn’t just a controversial call by 20-year veteran umpire Jim Joyce, it was egregiously wrong.  Here’s the video of the blown call ( Unlike o … Read More

via The Bush Report

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The Next Step

I attended The Woodlands High School graduation this week. As I listen to Kevin Sun speak one thing stuck out. He mention that there seems to be less significance place on graduation than other activities such as prom and exams. I have to say in away I agree. Graduation should be celebrated. It is the first step toward adulthood. Whether it be into the working world or moving on to higher education.

As I sat there listening to the names of so many kids I had the privilege to know, I could see their sweet faces without teeth, wearing glasses, with bad haircuts and it made me happy. I was happy to have known so many great kids graduating in 2010. This class was a special class amassing more scholarship money than any class in school history. That is a credit to not only the Conroe Independent School District but to the great efforts by the educators at all The Woodlands’ Schools.

I moved to The Woodlands when Bryan was 5, I would do it all over and I would recommend if you are moving into the Houston area, The Woodlands is like no other community.

In addition to the Academics, one can not leave out the athletic aspect of The 2010 Class. There were at least 50 scholarships awarded covering nearly every sport offered at The Woodlands. We will most likely win the Lonestar Cup for the third straight year.

As a Realtor for Keller Williams, I believe you should “Love Where You Live”, The Woodlands has given my family that.

Congratulations to The Class of 2010 and Good Luck!

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