A Perfect Mess (via The Bush Report)

Having a son that pitches for The Woodlands High School, this call makes me want to have an all out hissy fit (as we say in the south) but I have to say Galarraga was an excellent example of class for any young pitcher. The way he held himself together despite such an obvious bad call shows alot of self discipline.

A Perfect Mess Armando Galarraga threw a perfect game on Wednesday for the Tigers, but didn’t get credit for it.  It’s been all over the news, and not just sports news networks.  It wasn’t just a controversial call by 20-year veteran umpire Jim Joyce, it was egregiously wrong.  Here’s the video of the blown call (http://twitvid.com/TBJQN). Unlike o … Read More

via The Bush Report


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I am a Carolina girl that loves Texas. I'm an techie at heart. Lover of fun & life. Love watching a great curveball. I am a glass half full kinda girl.
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