Beginning of the End!!


                       Bryan and Taylor                                   Jenna and Forrest

As I sat back and watched the Limo pull off, I could only think of how my babies are not babies anymore. Having two seniors causes a lot of happiness and bitter sweetness all at the same time. I was so proud and happy as my two jetted off with their dates. They were gorgeous with wide smiles expecting perfect nights of high school bliss. I was happy, but in my gut just a bit sad knowing that life will change in a short few months. As we experience many last times, it’s  just overwhelming.

Homecoming was an all out success. Filled with floats , parade, pep rally, Texas sized mums, parent skits and dances. I started this process 6 years ago when Bryan and Jenna were  7th graders, knowing that one day they would be seniors and it would be my turn as a senior parent to look ridiculous and laugh at myself while participating in the pep rally. I even donned a red wig, believe me I was not cut out to be a red-head. As I took my place in the senior parent dance, I could not help but think how much I have enjoyed my kids and loved being a part of their activities. I will greatly miss it. 

Saturday started with breakfast, getting nails done, making sure the tux was ready, picking up corsages and preparing for an after party. It all worked out fantastic.

Bryan was handsome with his long-term girlfriend Taylor being crowned the Homecoming Queen. He had participated in the game day pep rally as the senior rep with the best YEE HAW to boot. Looking outstanding in his best cowboy hat and coat jacket with jeans, he looked more like a man and less like the little cowboy I remember.

 Jenna look beautiful after a slight meltdown over hair. She has the greatest smile. Her Texas Longhorn boyfriend Forrest came home from Austin to escort her. They look like teen models with perfect teeth and eyes to kill for. They really are the type of couple that I would have hated in high school, just because they are so pretty. 

 Senior Homecoming has come and gone and I’m happy and sad. Life is full of these moments. So, I will anxiously wait for the next last time to come and I will feel grateful for every last moment. Life is all we make it, so make it all count!! In the end we all have to EMBRACE THE JOURNEY!


About Tina Brickhouse

I am a Carolina girl that loves Texas. I'm an techie at heart. Lover of fun & life. Love watching a great curveball. I am a glass half full kinda girl.
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